Saturday, 7 March 2009

Weekend Roundup!

After a busy week of unexpected building work and then to Birmingham for Crufts, our first peaceful day without the builders was taken up with packing loads of boxes and getting things out the way for when the walls get smashed in! (yay the fun bit!)

Right well, time to catch up on whats happened with the building so far.

Day 03 (Wednesday 4th March 09) : The digging begins! The Rhino(digger) was revved up and the game of "find that footing" began. We first stood around crossing fingers, toes and everything else we could cross, hoping that none of the important cables or pipes ran where we wanted to dig the trench. Wanting to prolong the agony futher we decided to dig the other side first, and dig they certainly did, by the time we exposed the footings of the garage the hole was over 6ft (190cm) deep! As you can see below, it was a looong way down.

Next was the other trench; luckily the pipes and cables were not in our way and we managed to get down to exposing the footings on this side of the garage. If you thought the first side was deep you were wrong! This trench ended up being over 7ft (225cm) deep, enough room to hide a few unwanted neighbours.

After being assured by several different weather channels that we were not going to get any rain today, you guessed it, it decided to rain on us! Luckily one of the builders came prepared. Unfortunatly the nice 7ft trench we dug decided it didn't want to be so deep, we all watched as one side slowly slid back into the trench.

Day 4 (Thursday 5th March 09) : We were at Crufts (Go Team Rosie) but of course the build carried on, not much happened. They re-dug the trench, the building inspector visited and asked them to put wire mesh in, they dug an extra trench where the garage door will be and then filled all that with concrete (ok so maybe a little happened then)

Day 5 (Friday 6th March 09):
After a long day at crufts we were looking forward to a nice lay in. Of course it was friday and well, we didn't get one! The rain managed to hold off and the work progressed very well, by the end of the day the blockwork was up to the damp course level, ready for the concrete slab on monday.

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