Monday, 2 March 2009

Plastic Fantastic... Or not..

I was suppose to post this the other day but only just got around to it. Since we are having an extension built we needed to clear the garage out. Instead of paying for storage we decided to buy a shed. Not just any shed, a super duper plastic fantastic one (well as super as a 6ft x 4ft shed can be!).

Of course this wasn't as simple as just buy the shed push a few bits together and done, oh no, we had to build a base! (yes that is a drain cover there and yes the shed will be covering it!) Building the base took us several trips to B&Q because the gap to fill was bigger than expected. Our calculations consisted of me scratching my head and saying "hmm about 2 bags of ballast and 2 of cement should do it" WRONG!

In case your wondering, no I'm not a bricky but I can be available for hire should you wish for such quality brick walls!

Next was to lay the slabs and in true MSE fashion, we ripped them up from other parts of the garden to re-use them, not worth buying new slabs if your not going to see them now is there.
As you can see all the slabs fit nicely and it was a perfect flat surface (almost) there was one slight technical problem though, as Jo pointed out to me when she got home from work. Beside the drain it should of been 6 tiles rather than the 4 tiles that now lay there.... all perfect..... and flat..... and lovely (sob)

Luckily the cement hadn't set so I managed to do a quick fix (it was late and getting dark). The site was already for yet another trip to B&Q to get some slab mix and to finish it off. Only to come home and find our dear little pet Rosie had dug us a nice hole in the base!

Some time later all 6 slabs were laid and I was on to the good part, putting this plastic thing together and making us a shed! (which I have since been told "it's not a shed unless it has a window in it") Well I thought this would be a nice quick 30 min jobbie! once again WRONG. The good ole chaps at B&Q obviously decided to store this shed in some odd place (under the wheel of a lorry would be my guess) Half the plastic sheets were bowing and didn't slot into place as nicely as they could of done. Several hours later and a lot of grumbling from me I managed to put it all together (and look past the fact the door on the right already looks like its been broken into because it's bowing so much)

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  1. To be fair it can only be a proper shed if it is made out of wood. No wonder it was warped it was sagging in shame...

    And you bought the materials for the foundation? The last time I extened my bin patio I just used some gravel I found on a flower bed, a little sand and some cement I had for something else...

    Anyhow, keep up the good work!