Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Flushed Away!

I really need to try and update this on the day I take the pictures or they all just blend into one day.
Day 14 (Thursday 19th March) I told you the polythene would be water tight (ok I did have to go back up there and nail it on some more AND it didn't rain, but still). Quite a lot got done today but I forgot to take pictures as it was actually happening, so you have a sort of before and after.

First order of the day was to take the outer blockwork down you can see on the right, on the picture above. The builders told us not to use the bathroom on the other side anymore as they are removing the pipework. No problem I said, of course Jo also says no problem and then goes off upstairs CLEANS the toilet we are not supposed to use and then flushes it! So not only was the toilet nice and clean but the garage ceiling also had a nice bleach smell and so did the plans. The ceiling then came down, along with the old joists and all the blockwork.
Day 15 (Friday 20th March) Things are coming along really well now and the weather has been just great, if it wasn't for the chill in the wind you would think it was summer. This is good news for us as it is all going at a good pace and the new joists were due today, once these go up things start to look more housey.

The chippie came early in the morning and fixed the board to the side of the house (after about 3 attempts and trips to Selco). After he went Andy our builder still had to tighten the bolts up (as seen on the right). Once it was done properly the joists started to go up, we also had a delivery of another 6 packs of blocks. More updates to come soon.


  1. Yes, Helen would have decided to clean the toilet too, thus is the world of partners.

  2. I had already cleaned it that morning BEFORE the builders took all the pipework out and when we had both agreed not to use it!