Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Day 06 (Monday 9th March): With the weekend over, it was time to get stuck back in with the work. Half the day was spent waiting for the lorry to drop of some ballast (which was meant to come early morning!) It was eventually dropped off at the top of the drive and after a couple (well lots) of runs up and down the drive with the wheelbarrow both trenches were filled to the level we wanted. Using the Wacker plate machine it was all nicely compressed ready for the Cellotex.

Day 07 (Tuesday 10th March): A layer of sand was added first to make a smooth, level base for the Cellotex, then the sheets were cut into size and placed around both the bases. On top of that was placed some plastic lining (reminded me of a nice swimming pool liner. With any more rain it would most likely make a nice swimming pool too) After this there was nothing left to do except wait for tomorrow, the day of the concrete slab. (I was excited and so was the builder, look at his face!)

Day 08 (Wednesday 11th March):There is something about seeing tons of concrete being poured into a hole thats great, you see it on the TV and everyone is gathered around waiting for the cement to ooze all over, it makes you want to just jump in and splash it about. (or maybe thats just me)

The Mini-Mixer turned up with no trouble (even if it was late! bah) and luckily managed to fit on our drive which made it a nice easy job to fill both the holes up. All it needed was a long boom and a magic button that released the mixture. This was all done and dusted by 9am which left the rest of the day to watch it dry. I tell you one thing, the people who made the saying "It's like watching paint dry" have obviously never had to sit around and watch concrete dry.

Unfortunatly there was little else to report for the day, we had to barrow out about 5 loads of concrete as there was too much mixture in there and then a bit of leveling was done and the rest was just waiting. So enjoy the pictures. (click them for slightly bigger picutres)

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