Tuesday, 3 March 2009

And so it begins...

Jo is still recovering from the shock at the moment, so I shall do another update. The builders turned up Monday as planned bright and early “too early!” The plan was for the builders to drop of some tools in preparation of starting on the 9th of March. The next thing we know the workforce are there and sledge hammering the wall down! It looks like the project has been brought forward a week. If Jo is in shock how do you think the neighbour feels coming home to their wall missing.

We shouldn’t complain though, at least our builders turned up! The job got off to a good start though with the sun shining all day, they got the ole jackhammer out and broke up half our drive and filled the skip in a day (not bad since they weren’t suppose to do anything!) They seem to get a move on and so fingers crossed it always goes this smoothly. (yeh one can dream)
(The pic below is of how the house/garage looks at the moment and where most the extension will take place)

Day 2 started bright and early but unfortunately not quite as bright as the day before, rain slowed work a bit as it decided not to stop all day. Work still carried on though and the bottom half our drive was broken up and into another skip. It seems the people who built the house were expecting tanks to be parked on it as in the middle the concrete slab was over 10 inches thick. It’s all ready now and marked out for some trench digging.

Oh yes, that was another surprise, our digger was meant to turn up tomorrow (Wednesday) but at 3pm, in it rolls onto our drive ready for digging the footings etc tomorrow, now we just got to hope the rain holds off too!


  1. Sorry, it's taken me so long to figure out how to post a comment, I forgot what I was going to say now :(

    I think I was wondering how come your "garage stuff" looked so tidy and hardly filled your substiture shed. Whe we cleared our garage, it took all weekend and 2 miniskips, plus one shed full and some space in the attic. But it was the first time we'd worked our way to the back of the garage in about 10 years. It's never been used for cars :)

  2. Well we only moved into the house a year ago so junk hasn't piled up just yet ;) I will have to build up a collection of "junk" soon!

  3. Good luck with the weather!

  4. thanks Dana! its not been to bad so far