Thursday, 19 March 2009

Day 11(Monday 16th March) A great start to the week with some very nice weather, the blockwork continued to go up. With a bit of cursing and grumbling from our builder the decorative stone was also built up and as we are moving the electric meter forward it was built around a new box too. It took some time to do the decorative stuff as it had to be cleaned off and then all cut to fit.

Day 12 (Tuesday 17th March) Scaffolding here we come! now its starting to look like a real buidling site (well even more so than before) as the scaffolding went up today, not a lot to report though, the blockwork was finished up to the first floor level and so was the stonework.

Day 13 (Wednesday 18th March) Smashing day! Another "de"constructive day, with the scaffolding up it meant we could get to the roof and start taking it apart, so off came the tiles from above the garage.

Once the tiles were all off we then ripped off the felt and started hacking at the roof beams. It didn't take too long to get them down leaving us with a nice big hole above the garage. A bit extreme for a sky light I know. After that the day was coming to an end so we stuck some water tight polythene over the top (10 year guarentee)

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