Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Stack it up

Day 16 (Monday 23rd March) The block work on the upper floor began, some to the front of the building and some to the side, it went up pretty fast. The batons on the right picture are not for the wall but for our brilliantly designed foolproof water resistant cover, sometimes known as, a sheet of plastic.

Day 17 (Tuesday 24th March)
Things just seem to be going too smoothly at the moment as we had yet another day of great weather. More blocks were going up today, yes there are a lot of blocks to go! Because the scaffolding isn't very wide all the blocks were dropped on the drive and then had to be hauled up the scaffold , shifting 5 packs of blocks takes time.
The dampproof and leading was also put in under the window to make sure well, erm, we dont get damp. Someone once said a happy team is a productive team so our builder tries to keep up the morale!
Day 18 (Wednesday 25th March) We are supposed to get some rain over the next three days but for now luckily it is still holding off, so it may soon be time to really test my polythene roof. As predicted by you all, more blocks went up to the front and the last joists went up at the back of the house. We also had a visit from the electrician who set to work on getting wires in place for the sockets on the ground floor.

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