Friday, 1 May 2009

Steel going on!

Thursday 23rd April (Day 39) First order of the day was to get the huge steel beam in (its just under 5 meters/16ft) it took 5 of us to get it hauled up and into place. Once that was in place we could start knocking down the other wall next to it. This was one of the last bits left that needed to be demolished.
Friday 24th April (Day 40) Because the wall was not being taken all the way down the builder had to stitch drill the last remaining bit off. Once that was done we got the second steel up, this one was not quite as big (3.5m/11ft) and was bolted to the first beam. If we were going for a modern look we could even leave them exposed!

While work was being done in the kitchen we still had a couple of carpenters up on the roof doing the roof joists, so much wood was involved up there I think it took a lot longer than planned. More pictures of that will be in the next update as all action is on the roof!

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