Wednesday, 22 April 2009

If I had a hammer

Monday/Tuesday (Day 36/37) The sun shines once again! a fantastic start to the week and by the looks of it set to be the same all week. Perfect for putting on a new roof! Our new chippie turned up on Monday as the others went back to their other job. By Tuesday the one side of the hip roof was up and ready for felt and baton, a couple of more days and we should be ready for the roofers next Monday.

Yet another lintel went up and part of the stud wall was put up in the bedroom, you can almost see the shape of the walk in wardrobe and its quite exciting as you can see where everything will be going (not that we have decided on anything to go in the rooms)

Wednesday 22nd April (Day 38) Today was the day Jo dreaded and I looked forward to (well Jo was looking forward to it too) the kitchen wall was knocked down and opened it right up below you can see some before and after pictures. It is still not finished yet we got more of a different wall to knock down to make the room even bigger and then the steel beams can go in.

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