Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Rain on me

Day 26 to 30: Over half way into the build now (if you go with the original plan :P ) and things were still going great. Monday was taken up with some more smashing work, removing the upstairs en suite, taking off all the tiles and just generally making a good old mess!

(I was asked to take some further away shots)
On Tuesday the roof joists arrived, so we had to cut out the rest of the old joists and put in the new ones.

The building really started to take shape once the joists were all fixed in place. Unfortunately though the left side of the building was left a little exposed, so Matt spent half the day coming up with a great water proof roof (yes again) with the tarpaulin. I have to say it looked as though he had done a fantastic job by the time they came to leave... that was until 10pm that night when I heard drip drip drip in my hall way. Water was coming in through the hall ceiling and even all over the new consumer unit that had just been installed, so I had the fun task of going out on the scaffolding in the rain and dark and trying to make some other water shield. It took me about an hour before I managed to hold the rain back best I could, the rest I just had to capture by stuffing sheets in some of the holes.

Not quite what we wanted to happen! still it wasn't so much the builders fault as the useless tarp we used, so a word of warning if you go camping, do not use green tarpaulin to make a tent! The next couple of days was spent making sure the building really was water tight and also some more window holes were knocked out. Our builders were so keen they even came on Friday (and Monday) to carry on with the job, the roofers came on Friday and put the main ridge beam of the new roof up in place. The extension is looking great now and you can almost see the outline of how it will look when finished. (you can just see the ridge beam at the very top in the picture below, its not very clear but the next update will have much better pictures, so make sure you come back!)

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