Tuesday, 14 April 2009

What Really Happened Last Week!

Well what really happened is what Tim says, the water poured in over the new fuse box!
But this was partly their fault because we found out Antony the project manager had forgotten to organise the structural calculations necessary to build the roof. This resulted in the roofers not being able to start and consequently the builders being bored with nothing to do. So they decided to start knocking through bits that weren't supposed to be knocked through til AFTER the roof was built, these walls were keeping the rain out so when they were gone the rain came in!
Anyway I then told the foreman not to knock anything else down until the roof was on (Wednesday). Needless to say the calcs arrived and the roofers arrived 2 days later on Good Friday to start the roof. Although the weathers been great the roofers work has been slow cause they like to nip to Starbucks for coffee 4 times a day - they must be being paid too much!
Despite that looking on the positive side - between my roof and starbucks at least there is a positive effect on the economy!

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