Tuesday, 7 April 2009

How many blocks does it take to build a house

Day 21 to 25: The update is a little late for this week as we were away in London for the ideal home show for a couple of days, so I shall do a quick summary and leave this update with mainly pictures.

The scaffolding was raised to a higher level and another 4 packs of blocks were delivered, these all had to then be taken from the ground floor up to the top level of scaffold. The block work was then build up to the same height as the house. Two new lintels were put in over the windows and wall plates (bits of wood screwed to the brick) was put along all the edges ready for the roof joist to attach to. Towards the end of the week the electrician came to wire up a new consumer unit. He almost ran away when we said we wanted the unit in a different place (we did actually tell him this before though!) He did move it in the end but not quite where we wanted it (supposedly the wires wouldn't reach) anyway, enjoy the pictures!..




(its a huge consumer box, we may have enough room to stick next door onto it too!)

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