Sunday, 17 May 2009

A "Hole" Lot of Fun

Week 11 (Days 50 - 54)
This week the whole extension really started to come to life with all the stud walls going up. Over the weekend we mapped out the walk-in wardrobe and guest en-suite using bits of timber left lying around. We were a bit worried that it might be a bit tight walking around the bed (yes we mapped thatout as well) but on Monday Tony came up with the bright idea of knocking the corner off the ensuite and this improved the bedroom size dramatically!

(shape change on the en-suite)

We went out yet again to look at tiles and when we got back another wall had been smashed away (the one between bedroom 2 and the stairs) if we lose anymore walls the house will fall down! Anyway we were now left with a totally open plan feel.

Tuesday was the calm before the storm as Tim calls it. Laurice turned up while I was out at work and decided to crack on with the downlights and made lots of holes in our ceilings, unfortunately I had different ideas regarding their positions and was cheesed off to say the least! Lots more stud walls went up Tuesday and Wednesday.

After hiding on Wednesday Laurice finally turned up Thursday to feel my full wrath! I pointed out exactly where the downlights should be and exactly why his were so badly positioned then I informed him that I wanted 1 switch in the hall to control all the lights not 2 switches to control half the lights which he had also set up on Tuesday. Not sure he was too happy but I felt much better :)

This was also a memorable day because the last of the stud walls went up and we finally chose our tiles HURRAH! Richie also plastered the guest en-suite and Al positioned the pipes for the bathrooms.

(The floor tiles we chose and bathroom mirror with lights!)

The week was rounded off on Friday with lots of the walls being dot and dabbed (plasterboarded) and the front of the house getting pebble dashed. Its all really starting to come together now :)

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