Monday, 11 May 2009

Topping off!

Week 10 (Day 46 to 49) The first May Bank Holiday has passed us by and there was no rest for the wicked. As Jo started nosing around the work that had been done so far she found the parts of the sun tunnel on the bed and decided to have a read of the instructions, (not something blokes do!) It wasn't long before she found that the tube that connects to the roof light should be no longer than 2 meters... After a thorough investigation we found out that of course the tile for the tunnel was in the wrong place and would have left the tube just hanging in mid-air!

So Tuesday began with telling Buster that we needed the Sun tunnel moved to a different position! Quite a bit got finished early in the week with the last of the roof tiles going on, upstairs floorboards went down over a few days and the electrician got all the wiring in place upstairs ready for sockets and spots. On Wednesday the rain was making it hard to do very much but still Richie the plasterer managed to make a start on the render to the front and side of the house.

Thursday and Friday was great as the ceilings went up and one of the stud walls went up to form our en suite bathroom, the upstairs was finally starting to take shape and left us with many more hours of head scratching to make sure we have things positioned in the best place.

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