Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Roofless Rain

Week 9 (Day41 to 45) After having two weeks of glorious sun, I guess we were pushing our luck asking for a third week. A critical time for the build as the tarp on the roof was going to be pulled off and the felt and batons were due to be put up making the new extension water tight. So it will be of no surprise to you that on Monday it rained cats and dogs and a few other things in between.

We weren't completely unlucky though as in between the down pours the roofers managed to get up there and felt one side of the roof (the side furthest away from the main house) This took most of the day really until they gave up trying to do any more; it was not bad progress considering. Our first few windows were also delivered and installed.

Tuesday and Wednesday they managed to get the rest of the felt on and we could then relax as it meant the house was now "secure and water tight" in theory at least. Downstairs I chased down the walls for some new sockets in the kitchen, although Jo said it was not enough (bah!) The steel beams were being boxed in with plaster board and will be skimmed over later.

Thursday and Friday the roofers really pressed on and managed to get all the old tiles put back on the roof. To make the extension look like its not an extension the old tiles were used on the front and on the side facing our neighbours house, I was surprised there were enough tiles, the rest of the roof had to be left as new tiles were not being picked up until after the bank holiday.

We also decided to get a Sun Tunnel on the roof leading into the upstairs hall. For those who haven't seen or heard of these; they are used to bring natural light into an area that has no windows, a glass panel replaces your normal roof tile and then a plastic tube runs down from your roof into a dome in the room that you want to have the light. I will show some pics of it later to make more sense.

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