Sunday, 11 December 2011

Your Quackers!

Well its that time of year not christmas but Maries birthday, so I had to make a cake! She has an odd passion for ducks. And the duck pond was born! (click the pictures for bigger Images)

I wasn't sure what to make first of all so I started with making a basic sponge and shaping it up, filled with buttercream icing and respberry jam! (mmmMMm)

Before smoothing over
Piping work!
 One of my bakes didn't work to well and sunk in the middle and so I decided to cut out a smaller round and make it into an extra tier on top! Then I just piped some yellow buttercream icing around the outside.

One little duck!
Lovely pond!
  Using some yellow icing I made a little duck to go in the pond. The pond was made using blue icing with some white marbled in it and then green icing around the edge and a bit of tweezer work to make it look like grass a bit more!

I thought the duck looked a bit lonely on its own so I made a second duck. I then used the different coloured icing to make big dots and spelt her name out using white icing.

I finished the cake off by making lots of smaller yellow and green dots and stuck them all around the cake! all that was left now was for the candles and for it to be eaten and demolished!

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