Saturday, 19 February 2011

Birthday "break"

Although we have not finished every room in the house, we have decided to take a break from decorating and building work. Instead I've been force to organise (booo) slowly putting things in the place they are suppose to be!

Due to this change this blog will now become more about crafting projects we like to do as well as holiday snaps to share with the family! rest assured any more building work we get done will be posted here.

Jo's **rd Birthday has just passed and we decided to have a weekend break in London and go see a show. We went to see the preview of "The Wizard of Oz" you know, the one from the silly telly show that I definitely do not watch! Surprisingly it turned out to be one of the best shows we have seen in London and was very well put together.

It's the first ever show Danielle Hope has starred in and she was flawless! amazing voice and brilliantly acted, however she was unfortunately upstaged by Toto, there are several Toto's that have been trained for the role which you can see below!

(only downside is that Toto is suppose to be a Cairn!) All of the main actors in this were actually fantastic and got great laughs as they acted out their characters. If you enjoy a trip to the theatre this is definitely one to go and watch!

When I say it was a weekend break we didn't actually stop! we made sure we could fit in as much as possible. We also went to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, which was interesting to see and makes you want to come back and see a show there (unfortunately they don't start until May)

With 2 for 1 offer with our train tickets it was definitely worth a walk around. We also went to The Imperial War Museum which is free to get into, the trench and blitz experiences were pretty good in there and there is a big exhibition on about the Holocaust at the moment, it was awful to see but extremely interesting and worth a look if your in London.

Lastly we went to London Zoo, the queues were huge and had us waiting for over an hour up the street and just when you thought you were about to get in there was another long queue. They said that they were not expecting so many visitors for at least another two weeks; so they didn't have all the booths open to let people in. If that wasn't bad enough after 50 mins of waiting they decided instead of opening more ticket booths they would have staff take pictures of you as you enter the Zoo so they can sell you the pictures on the way out grrr. Well I couldn't do a whole post without a moan!

I will sign out on an up though; even with the waiting London Zoo was once again well worth the visit, the place has much improved since our last visit with much better enclosures for the animals. The tropical rainforest is very well done, you now walk through the enclosure with branches going over your heads and the monkeys have free reign to explore. (oh and for those numpties with IPhones... you don't have to put the phone right in the monkeys face to take a picture!!!!) A new enclosure is due to open later this year for the penguins and by the plans it looks to be amazing!

It seems the zoo is working towards having bigger enclosures for all their animals and in my opinion this can only be a good thing!

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