Monday, 20 December 2010

Nice snowing you!

Well it has been over a year since my last post. I cant believe a year has even passed and to look at the picture below you wouldn't believe it either. Snow has once again covered Cardiff (or perhaps just our road!) with over 12 inches of snow.

As usual there is one suspect who is much more excited about the snow than anyone else. Yep our little Rosie is now worse than ever as she now cries by the backdoor because she wants to go out and play.

The downside to where we live is the two hills we have to navigate to get here! On your average day of the week this wouldn't be a problem, however add a blanket of snow, a sprinkle of ice and an empty grit bucket (grrr) we get a couple of ski slopes instead! I did try to dig our road out as the first two pictures show, I got most of the way up the road before cold, wet, white drops of snow decided to thwart me!

It didn't take long for inches more snow to fill back all the hard work I had done, luckily I managed to get my car to the top of the first hill at least.

The second hill where we are and the MAIN!!! roads near us really didn't look much better.

So as you can see we cant go very far at the moment. Enough of the grumbling anyway below are some nice pictures of the snow around us. Including pictures of the Long-tailed tit gang that ambushes our bird feeder (more so when we stick mince pies out!)

Finally, part of the reason we haven't done any posts during the year as it has been very hectic, we have been doing a lot of interior decorating as well as putting in a new kitchen, our new folding sliding doors and many other things! I will have to do a house update later to show what its like now. Below you can see a random sneak peak of what the kitchen now looks like.

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