Saturday, 18 July 2009

Swings and Roundabouts

Week 16 (Days 74 - 78)
Utility room got plastered and the screed floor was laid.
In the lounge the window was bricked up and plastered.
Buster built the framework to separate the hallway from the kitchen.
Everything was moving on in as plodding a way as always. Tony told us he could get the windows in next week so we rushed like mad over the weekend to move stuff out of the rooms on the front of the house so they would have space to fit the windows. As this included the lounge we were now confined to the kitchen!

Week 17 (Days 79 - 83)
Buster fitted the kitchen door and the fire door to the garage.
The new opening for the window was made in the lounge and luckily the mess wasn't as bad as I'd expected. Paul came and fit the windows (Bay and new lounge window and 2 new replacement windows in the bedroom and study).
The drive and soak away were finished off.
Garage was plasterboarded.
We got the final bill from Tony which included the front door and garage door as extras. We tried to discuss this with him but the discussion turned into a 3 minute silence. We decided to withold some of his payment until this had been settled and from there the trouble started! Tony had palpitations and I had the most stressful on call in history!
Week 18 (Days 84 - 88)
Buster finished off our window cills and finished off the utility room door.
They removed our front door and gave it away to some decorators who were working up the road!
Richie plastered the hallway.
The whole week was tense I expected Tony to come round to talk to me but he never did, instead he sent messages asking for the money via Buster! On Wednesday Buster said he wasn't allowed to buy any further materials for the job so we bought some MDF for a window cill. On Friday Richie was pulled off the job cause he needed to do an emergency plastering job elsewhere!
Buster and I decorated the new front door (a piece of plyboard) and made a letterbox for it!
Shortly after a van pulled up and Buster packed his bags and left. To be honest I felt relieved as the preceding week had been exhausting and stressful. We spent the rest of the day cleaning up and Tim made sure our front door was more secure than Fort Knox!
I phoned the Building Inspector (John) who was really helpful and Trading Standards. I wrote to Tony and drank lots of wine!

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