Sunday, 14 June 2009

Unleash The Dragon!

Week 14 (Days 64 - 68)
This week started well but once again ended in disappointment, we decided to go out for a day and I think the builders thought that they would also put their feet up and do nothing! I finally said exactly what I thought to our main contractor who initially said he didn't believe me ("they work their cotton socks off") then admitted that if he criticised their work they would all leave him (so is he just afraid of them?) Anyway I told them I wasn't prepared to allow weekend work until I could see week day work moving a bit faster, we will see.
A brief summary of the work...

Plastering -
  • En suite completed (wow that was a big job)
  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Bedroom
  • Landing
Woodwork -
  • 2 doors
  • Some architrave and skirting upstairs
  • Shower enclosure fitted (this took all day apparently)
Front of house painted and scaffold from front taken down

(before) (After but not finished)

Week 15 (Days 69 - 73)
On the hope of weekend work Monday and Tuesday was a hive of activity but after consulting the runes I decided against weekend work (1 swallow doesn't make a summer). This went down like a lead balloon and as expected work slowed to a snail pace yet again.
Summary of work....

Kitchen plastered (not as big a job as it sounds)

(two beams and a small wall)
Woodwork -
  • 2 doors
  • Bit more architrave and skirting (still not finished)
  • Vanity unit completed
  • Back door and utility window fitted
  • Kitchen floor tidied up (thx Ed)

(Our replacement mirror after the Elecy scratched 1st)

Small en suite plumbed in

Painting completed, gutters fitted and rest of scaffold removed

Coving fitted

(Walk in wardrobe spots) (Upstairs hallway)

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  1. The Dragon is Jo incase you didn't guess ;)