Monday, 10 October 2011

Birthday Bakes!

Although the Great British Bake off has just finished, this cake has nothing to do with it :P I enjoy making Birthday cakes (ok ok I lie, I enjoy making any cake and eating it!) So I decided to make one for our friend Jo.
It didn't go quite to plan as I had hoped, I was using old baking powder and I think it stopped the mixture rising properly, so instead of a two tier cake we have a three tier chocolate cake. It worked out in my favour really because the height of the cake came to the correct height of a chocolate finger! (see pics below) and on top of that it meant double the amount of jam and cream, mmmm.

The filling in this cake is raspberry jam and whipped fresh cream. I am a huge fan of chocolate and love to eat it but I seem to be the only person who feels chocolate cakes are ruined because there is too much.. well, chocolate! Why does the filling, the cream, the topping, the decoration, the SAUCE! always have to be chocolate? (grr /rant off!) anyway the cake was lovely and Jo enjoyed eating it!

Three tiers of goodness!
Fingers crossed the filling stays in :)

Partly decorated

The end effect! (the firework in the middle was a great addition)

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